Events and Oriental Delicacies 'Live' Station

Over here at Nanayng Flavours, we strive to bring Oriental Delicacies closer to you.

We have a range of gastronomically interactive activities that our food artists can always tailor-make for your events.

Our most popular interactive offering is the Dragon's Beard Oriental Delicacy “live” station which includes the on-the-spot making as well as demonstration of Dragon's Beard making and the serving of the imperial grade Dragon’s Beard delicacies.

We also create and do unique events like "The Science and Art of Making Dragon's Beard", "Dragon's Beard Story Telling" programs and many more such interactively fun programs to suit your events' theme and aims.

Also, there will be a free flow of freshly made imperial grade dragon's beard for all your events' guests and participants. We have interactive oriental delicacies savoring programs for the young-at-heart too!

It's our responsibility to bring these oriental delicacies closer to you and it is our pleasure that you and your guests get to witness, and most importantly savour these oriental delicacies at our 'live" stations and delicacies events.

Other Notable "live Station" Events:

  1. Water-Chestnut Delicacy Cake Sharing Event (The witnessing of this self-cooling dessert!)
  2. Oriental Delicacies Show (Where our Majie Abby brings you the different delicacies for you to savour and tell you the origin stories of these delicacies)
  3. The Herbal Kuehs Outreach Event (A nostalgic event suitable for the people aged 65 and above)
  4. A Million Smiles Program (A special interactive event when we deliver the one unique delicacy for your guests!)
  5. Oriental Delicacies High-Tea (Check out our delicacies menus!)
  6. Oriental Delicacies And Their Stories (Savour our delicacies while enjoying the interactive stories told by our Master Story-Teller Chen Zhao Jin)
  7. Interactive Dragon's Beard Making Programs (We also have a series of "live" dragon's beard making program for both the adults and children!)