About Us

Nanyang Flavours aims to be the one and only exquisite online shop to satisfy your hunger for not so commonly found Asian Delicacies!

Nanyang Flavours came about when our most popular Food Artist, Dragon's Beard Delicacy Master, Ho Lili explained that the Dragon's beard she made contained the original flavours that was brought to our Southeast Asia shores by the Chinese pioneers who braved many days on the stormy seas just to seek a new life and fortunes in a place called Nanyang. While our Dragon's Beard Delicacies are already recorded as Singapore's well preserved heritage food and our Dragon's Beard Food Artists, Ho Lili and Roger Poon are the Singapore Book of Records holders, up till today, we still continue to strive to ensure top notch quality for our freshly handmade delicacies.

Aunty Lili

As of now, our handmade Dragon’s Beard Delicacies and hence Nanyang Flavours are already a stronghold in many people's minds as we continue to bring you seldom found delicate foods such as the Water Chestnut Delicacy Cake and the long lost herbal kuehs.

Always discovering long lost delicacies and holding on to our joint nostalgic memories, our range of unique Asian delicacies are the result of the  centuries-old time tested traditions passed down from one generation to a new generation and so on.

Proudly based in Singapore, we love food and especially food made with love and passion!

Come explore more Nanyang Flavours with us!